The awesome marketing power of kindness

At We Love Wildlife we’re into kindness in a big way. If only everyone was kinder, the world would be a much better place. We’d have no hunting, no cruelty to animals, no child abuse, no poverty, no inequality, no racism… the list goes on.

We also believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We’ve got the will, and We Love Wildlife gives us a way to express kindness in a practical form that benefits our members along with the wildlife they help to protect.

Between us the WLW team has more than fifty years’ marketing experience, and that means we know for sure that kindness is powerful stuff in a sales and marketing context.

We’ve spent our careers marketing all sorts of products and services, from insurance to renewables and everything in between. But We Love Wildlife is special. The membership scheme and movement we’re promoting has kindness at its heart. We’re thrilled to be able to use our marketing skills and sales experience in such a wholly, wonderfully positive way.

We’re not just a bunch of loved-up hippies, either 😉 Have you heard of Values Based Consumerism, the theory that reveals how people like to buy from businesses whose values are the same as their own? Or Likeonomics, the marketing theory that says consumers love to buy from companies they actually like, respect and trust? All this means likeable businesses are onto a big commercial winner.

Kindness sells, and it sells in the nicest possible way. Will you join us and prove to your customers that you are dedicated to protecting British wildlife?

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